3D composites fabric

  • ● 3D Fiberglass Fabric

  • 3D Fiberglass Fabric is a newly developed fiberglass braided fabric consisting of two bi-directional woven fabrics knitted together by vertical braided pillars. Two S-shaped yams combined form a pillar, which is 8-shaped in the warp direction and 1-shaped in the weft direction.
    3D fiberglass Fabric can be made of glass fiber, carbon fiber or basalt fiber Hybrid fabrics also can be produced. The thickness of 3D fiberglass Fabric ranges from 3.4mm to 22.6mm and the width of it measures no more than 3000mm. Processed with resin, 3D Fiberglass Fabric gains an outstanding capability of anti-deboding, impact resistant, lightweight and high strength, thermal insulating and acoustic damping. 3D Fiberglass Fabric is often the first choice for many enterprises to manufacture framework members of automobile, locomotives, aerospace, ship, sports, wind generator construction, decoration, etc.
  • - Technical data -

  • - Features -
  • Lightweight 3D Fiberglass Fabric resined weights lighter by 30% to 60% than of chopped strand mat and glass roving fabrics of the same thickness. High strength: with a hollow structure, resined 3D Fiberglass Fabric possesses higher strength than conventional framework materials do. And the core layer will not slip even impacted severely.
    Corrosion resistant: because of the chemical stability of fiberglass, 3D Fiberglass Fabric has a remarkable capability of corrosion resistant.
    Condensable: 3D Fiberglass Fabric, owing to its hollow structure, can be resined for the demanded thickness(not more than its original thickness) by rolling resin onto both the underside and surface side accordingly. Detectable: detectors can be installed in the hollow space of the core layer to evaluate the conditions around.
    Outstanding permeability: due to the optimal design of 8-shaped middle pillars, the permeability of 3D Fiberglass Fabric is far better than the of other fabrics and the flaws can be inspected by evaluating its light penetration homogeneity
    Easy Manufacturing: Resining, the key procedure before practical use of this product, requires no more than a roll and mold.


  • - Application -
  • After being resined, 3D Fiberglass Fabric has a superior property both mechanically and chemically. Due to the advantages of lightweight, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistant and special interstitial structure, resined 3D Fiberglass Fabric is often used as framework components in various industries over the world

  • - Installation -
  • The inner pack is paper scroll and outer pack is carton. The storage place should be dry and ventilated(65%>humidity ) at a temperature of about 22 centigrade. The acrtons must be laid horizontally. The loading and unloading should be done carefully.

  • - Packing, Storage & Loading -
  • 3D Fiberglass Fabric is also popular in architectural decoration industry, applied in the manufacturing of curtain wall, poster board, industrial building roof(daylighting), mobile house telephone booth and fundamental materials.

  • ● Resining of 3D Fiberglass Fabric

  • - Prepare resin needed -
  • 3D Fiberglass Fabric must be resined before practical use. It is necessary to select the right resin for the specific application and requirement. The viscosity of resin applied should be between 300cps and 1300cps. The amount of resin applied depends on the weight of 3D fiberglass Fabric and the relevant weight proportion in the following form.

  • - Resin -
  • The resining of 3D Fiberglass Fabric includes four steps instructed in the following picture

  • - Solidify resin -
  • Chemical assistant like initiator and accelerator can be added to make the quicker solidifying of resin. A oven also can be applied to accelerate the solidifying of resin

  • - Comparison of 3D Fiberglass Fabric and resined one -

  • Due to the piasticity of resin, resined 3D Fiberglass Fabic is rendered with remarkable property changing into hard and light material with a smooth surface. Therefore, resined 3D Fiberglass Fabric is easy to move and decorate. Besides, thanks to the stability in chemistry. Resined 3D Fiberglass Fabric has great capability of corrosion resisting. So 3D Fiberglass Fabric is often applied to automobile, locomotives, aerospace, ship, storage tanks, sport, wind generator, construction and decoration.

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