Ballistic Fabric

Aramid Fiber Fabrics

    ● Product rangeKevlar / Twaron Ballistic Fabric

  • Kevlar / Twaron Ballistic Fabric for making bulletproof jackets, helmets,
    plates, etc.:
  • product number, BFF-K01
  • - Specification : 1.20 by 2.42M; 1.60 by 3.20M; or length 100M+
  • - Area Density : 225g/m2
  • - Ballistic Layers for NIJ IIIA : 24
  • - Mini order : 100 sq.m; sample is available and charged.
  • - Capacity : 10 kilo sq.m monthly

  • Kevlar / aramid ballistic fabric is softer and more comfortable than UHMW-PE, but it is weaker on UV resistant, low moisture sensibility and not waterproof.

  • Guarantee Period : the material are in 5 years warranty.
  • Note : the material can be preserved under temperature 300 centigrade.

Ballistic Aramid Fabrics

    ● Product range UHMW-PE Ballistic Fabric

  • product number, BPF-P01
  • We supply UHMW-PE UD (unidirectional) fabric sheet which is for making bulletproof applications. It is a roll product consisting of two/four plies of unidirectional polyethylene fiber crossplied at 0/90 degree, sandwiched with a thermoplastic film.

  • It features lightweight, soft, comfort, outstanding UV resistant, low moisture sensibility and waterproof, also is powerful protection capability and high specific energy absorption.

  • Our supplying specifications....range is from 140g/m2, 150g/m2, 160g/m2 and 170g/m2; continuous roll of fabric sheet is available.

Colored Aramid Fabrics

    ● Product rangeBallistic HPPE Plate

  • Product numberBHP-01

  • Our ballistic HPPE plates substitute the traditional hard steel, Kevlar or Aramid plates for inserts of bulletproof vests and vehicle armoring.

  • We have ballistic HPPE plates on levels NIJ IIIA III and III+, and ceramic & PE composite plates Level NIJ IV, their sizes may be made?under your requirement.

  • The main material is?UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fiber which is the best ballistic raw material nowadays.

  • To get to know more details, please contact us via email.