Surfacing Tissue

Surfacing Tissue

    ● Surfacing Tissue

  • Surfacing Tissue mainly used in the surface layers of FRP products. It features even Fiber distribution, soft feel, level and smooth fiber surface, less glue content, quick resin soak and good pattern fitness. It can improve the product surface property on corrosion resistance, compressive strength, seepage resistance, and longer service life. It is also suitable for spraying; pattern pressing and other FRP pattern technology.

    ● Product List

Application Density
Wetting Time
Filament Winding 20 <0.2 7 <8 ≥20
30 6 <10 ≥25
50 6 <16 ≥40
Hand lay 30 7 <10 ≥20
40 6 <15 ≥25
50 6 <20 ≥30

    ● Packaging

  • Product is manufacture in form of a roll wrap on a paper tube then after packed in a plastic bag and placed with in a cardboard carton. Rolls can be loaded in a container directly or on pallets.

    ● Stroge

  • Should be stored in dry, cool, clean and rain-proof area. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 10℃~30℃ and relative humidity between 50%~75%.