Coated Fabric
  • You Chang brand Alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh fabric is basis of any heat insulation system.Cracks are prevented because of good chemical corrosion resistance and high warp and weft strength~Distortions insulation system from high impact are minimized because the directions.

  • ● Application

    1. 1. You Chang ALKALI-RESISTANT FIBERGLASS MESH is widely used in wall reinforcement,out-side wall heat insulation,roof waterproof,wall corner.
    2. 2. It can also reinforce cement,plastic,bitumen,plaster,marble,mosaic etc
    3. 3. It is an ideal engineering material in construction

Mesh size 2.5mm×2.5mm, 4mm×4mm,
5mm×5mm, 6mm×6mm,
7mm×7mm, 8mm×8mm,
10mm×10mm, 12mm×12mm
The unit grams 60g/m2to 580g/m2
Width 10cm to 3m
Length 50m/roll to 1500m/roll
Color White, yellow, blue, green, wine red, orange .etc
Raw Material c-glass yarn or e-glass yarn
Packing Plastic bag+carton+pallet

    ● Technical Specification

Spec. width Resin mark Resin content
Alkali Resistant Properties
Tensile Strength
Range Of Weight Warp
Weft Yarn
4x4mm,75g/m2 100cm BASF +
factory glue
18 50 740 75g±5g 60×2=120
4x4mm,90g/m2 100cm 18 50 910 90g±5g 72×2=144
4x4mm,110g/m2 100cm 18 50 1100 110g±5g 88×2=176
4x4mm,145g/m2 11cm-300cm 18 50 1500 145g±5g 116×2=232
4x4mm,160g/m2 11cm-300cm 18 50 1585 160g±5g 128×2=256